Workshop: Responding to Hatred Without Hating: Dialogue Skills for Difficult Times

  • 16 Sep 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Unity of Charlottesville
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Base fee:
  • Sliding Scale Registration Fee of $20-$80.

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Responding to Hatred Without Hating: 
Dialogue Skills for Difficult Times

An Interactive Workshop with David Campt and Matthew Freeman

Sliding Scale Registration Fee: $20 - $80

Please note: No one will be excluded from this event for lack of funds. If you need financial assistance, please send an email to IMCC.

Location: Unity of Charlottesville, 2825 Hydraulic Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22901

Charlottesville is responding to the rancor and division of those who see our city and our country as fertile territory for spreading their racist ideas. In addition to publicly celebrating inclusiveness and healing, we can prepare to strategically and directly counter the messages that white nationalists convey in our community.

This 6 ½ hour interactive workshop will provide participants with specific tools and tactics for engaging in positive dialogue with people who may be racism skeptics. Participants will leave with specific tools for constructive and effective discussion with others who may disagree with them when it comes to race. These skills will easily be applicable to other areas in which wholesome discourse becomes strained.


Dr. David Campt is nationally renowned in the areas of civic engagement, dialogue, and collaborative decision making. He teaches strategies for changing attitudes, behavior, and group culture around dialogue. David’s innovative ideas and engaging personality cause groups to better address the challenges that confront them. He is the leader of the White Ally Toolkit project, which has engaged hundreds of people on-line and in person across the country by helping them develop customized conversational tools so that they can be much more effective in talking to others about issues of race and racism. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker, facilitator, trainer, and strategist who has helped advance conversations about diversity, inclusion and equity in a wide variety of institutional and community settings. He is the author of two books about dialogue and engagement

Matthew Freeman, MA, has a passion for racial equity and social justice which has led him to help both national and international communities to connect across differences and to begin to address the challenges that divide them. Matthew believes the solutions to our most intractable divisions require bold leadership and a willingness to try risky and innovative solutions. He helps groups find the courage to tackle the most difficult of divisions and to move toward mutual understanding, collaboration and action. He is the co-author of Overcoming Bias, a highly regarded book about working through the impediments that undermine interpersonal relationships, community cohesion, and institutional effectiveness.


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