Awareness and Release: Practicing with Difficult Emotion

  • 31 Mar 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • 05 Apr 2017
  • 12:00 PM
  • Shalom House Retreat Center, Hanover County, Virginia

Awareness and Release: Practicing with Difficult Emotions

with Sharon Beckman-Brindley and Phyllis K. Hicks

Much of the time as humans we live, not so much in life as in our mental patterns, our conditioned views about life. When an internal or external experience arises, we meet it with a mind state, a thought, an emotion or a whole story that colors the actual experience and leads to distorted views of reality and, ultimately to suffering. The practice of mindfulness reveals this process directly and opens the door to cultivating embodied awareness, spaciousness, non-identification and release. We discover the relief of a mind at peace; we learn to work with difficult emotions as discreet phenomena that come, go, and change.

In this Insight Dialogue retreat we will practice silent meditation and, together, the contemplations of Insight Dialogue in which we will explore our moment-to-moment experience while meditating in dialogue with others. This dialogue practice can open us to perceive and understand things that are normally overlooked in our own personal perceptions. Meditating together, we discover and investigate the mind's constructing nature and its great potential for awareness and for freedom. 

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24.5 CEs available for Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers and Counselors

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