Doorways to Mystical Experience and Liberation with Pat Coffey

  • 16 Sep 2014
  • 7:30 PM
  • JABA Building Main Room 674 Hillsdale Drive, Charlottesville

Doorways to Mystical Experience and Liberation
with Pat Coffey

In Buddhist meditation practice there are mental states known as as Jhana or meditative absorptions that arise out of strong samadhi or powerful concentration.  For years many teachers advised their students to shy away from practices that led to these states.  The Jhanas are states of powerful physical and mental bliss and peace beyond any worldly pleasure....including sexual orgasm. The reason some teachers felt this way was that they wanted to protect their students from getting "stuck on pleasure"  thus thwarting true realization.   Today, most meditation teachers realize the benefits of strong samadhi coupled with a mature understanding of these states.

Tonight we'll explore the fascinating possibilities of cultivating the meditative absorptions.

IMCC meets every Tuesday evening for a period of guided meditation and a talk by one of IMCC's experienced meditation teachers. The program is designed to be friendly and of interest to people with no meditation experience as well as more advanced practitioners.

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