Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insight Meditation?

Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassana is a practice that trains us to live mindfully in the present moment. Vipassana literally means "to see clearly." It enables individuals to experience all aspects of life from a place of stillness. The meditator learns to relate to life with greater clarity and loving kindness and with less fear, anxiety and stress.

Vipassana represents the central meditation practice taught by the Buddha upon his enlightenment. Although the origins of Vipassana lie in the Buddha's teachings, Insight Meditation, or "mindfulness" meditation may be practiced by anyone regardless of religious beliefs. Mindfulness meditation does not require belief in a god, the Buddha, or an adherence to specific doctrines. One cultivates the ability to focus the mind on the changing nature of experience both internal and external, ultimately revealing insights into the very nature of heart and mind.

What if I am new to meditation?

You are welcome to join us anytime! Our community includes meditators of all levels from first-timers to experts. Easy to follow instructions are given at almost every class. We offer introductory classes quarterly so please see the event calendar for listings. In addition, the teachers are glad to meet with you individually to clarify basic instructions and answer questions. Contact teachers about consultations. For guidance with meditation technique visit Meditation 101.

How do I sign-up for retreats or the introductory class?

You can sign-up for a retreat or class at one of our Tuesday evening group meetings, or online by visiting our event calendar.

What happens at the Tuesday evening group meetings?

The meetings usually begin with sangha (community)-related announcements followed by a 30-40 minute guided meditation, or "sitting." After a short break, there is a "dharma" talk (dharma means "teaching") addressing different facets of meditation practice, including how to bring the heart of meditation into daily life, is presented with discussion and questions.

Do I need to sign-up or register for the Tuesday night sessions?

Simply attend the meeting at the scheduled time listed in the event calendar.

Is there a cost for the Tuesday evening session?

There is no fee for the Tuesday evening sessions. Instead, participants express their gratitude for the teachings by offering donations. IMCC is a 501c3 charitable organization, and contributions are tax-deductible. IMCC uses the money received to pay for the space rental charge, web site software, staff salaries, etc.

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