Socially Engaged Practice

Through meditation practice we develop insight into the interconnected nature of being and of all phenomena. We cultivate qualities of the mind, heart and ethical behavior which together have the capacity to guide us in skillful response to pain and suffering in ourselves and in the world. For some IMCC members, our solitary meditation leads to the expression of spiritual practice not just in everyday life, but as engagement in more public social action. The goal of social engagement is to speak and act from wisdom as well as from kindness, compassion, joy in others’ goodness, and equanimity, with the aim of diminishing suffering for all beings, without exception.  Our actions, thus, are offerings performed in the spirit of service: attempts to concretely express the truth of universal love and non-separation as articulated in the Buddha’s teachings. These actions inevitably provide a mirror that reflects ways in which we achieve or fall short of our aspiration; thus, they are ongoing teachings from which we learn together to deepen in our spiritual practice.  

IMCC sponsored socially engaged practice activites have the full support of the IMCC board and are overseen by an IMCC teacher. Events require a written proposal and a sponsoring teacher to present it to the board for consideration. 

The Community Bulletin Board is a place where sangha members can post opportunities others can participate in. To have an activity listed, email Judy Harmon with a brief description of the activity and a contact information: name and email or phone. 

IMCC Sponsored Social Engagement Activities

Racial Affinity Groups

Since 2013, IMCC has offered racial awareness training to its members based on a model designed and described by Ruth King in her book Mindful of Race. Racial affinity groups, led by IMCC sangha members, meet for a minimum of one year and provide opportunities for a personal investigation into our racial conditioning with members of our own race. The overarching goal is to be able to see more clearly our role in both racial harming and healing. 

We’ve found that the experience deepens our practices of mindfulness and compassion, and prepares us to act in the world with more wisdom and skill. 

On our resource list compiled by training leaders, you will find relevant articles, books, websites, audio and video materials.

To inquire about joining a Racial Affinity Group, email Sarah Adams at 

Charlottesville Clergy Collective
Supervising Teacher: Sharon Beckman-Brindley

IMCC is a member of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective (, an interfaith group of clergy and lay persons who gather regularly to discuss and address the challenge of race relations in the Charlottesville and Albemarle region of Virginia.

In 2017, the community of Charlottesville, VA experienced racial violence reflecting national unrest around issues of white supremacy. The Clergy Collective was then, and continues to be, an active presence and voice in offering peaceful gatherings to support all community members.

Charlottesville Pride Community Network

The Charlottesville Pride Community Network's ( mission is to create a vibrant, visible, and inclusive LGBTQ community presence in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the surrounding region to promote equality through events, education, outreach, and advocacy.

IMCC is a sponsor of PrideFest. Our leadership has undergone Safe Space Training by SafeCville to be designated, not only an organization that welcomes LGBTQ members and visitors, but one that has policies in place affirming a commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination and whose leaders are allies prepared to offer spaces in which LGBTQ individuals can feel not just welcomed but be truly safe.

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