Awakening Into The Body with Pat Coffey

  • 16 May 2017
  • 7:30 PM
  • JABA

Tuesday Night Meditation and Dharma Talk 

Awakening Into The Body

Teacher: Pat Coffey

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Staying at home in the body is a portal to awakening.  The Buddha taught that it is just that simple.  

There is one thing that when cultivated and regularly practiced leads to deep spiritual intention, to peace, to mindfulness and clear comprehension, to vision and knowledge, to a happy life here and now. And to the culmination of wisdom and awakening.  And what is that one thing?  Mindfulness centered on the body. --The Buddha

Tonight during the meditation period we will practice several techniques for awakening in the body.  After our practice period the evening talk will explore this critical foundation of mindfulness.

All are welcome - newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.  


Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA)
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Charlottesville, VA

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