Developing a Mind That Loves (You)

  • 14 Nov 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • JABA

Developing a Mind That Loves (You)

Teacher: Teresa Miller

“It’s easy to do what is not good

            And things that harm oneself.

It’s very difficult to do

            Things beneficial and good.”                                                   

“Whoever recovers from doing evil

            By doing something wholesome

Illuminates the world

            Like the moon set free from a cloud.

(Buddha, verses 163 and 172, The Dhammapada)

We’re swept away at times by strong feelings, powerful sensations, believing thoughts to be facts. What if we gave our minds more space, big fields to move in, tilted toward the wholesome, the restorative? When we are aware of states of the mind, like craving or jealousy or hatred, what is aware of hatred is not hatred, it’s just aware. Remembering the kindness of others, we cultivate our capacity for self-compassion. Rediscovering the loveliness in ourselves, we can see the loveliness in others.

Grateful-A Love Song to the World by Nimo

To listen:   01 Grateful.mp3

Video: Youtube

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