Recognizing the Awakening Within

  • 18 Oct 2011
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • JABA 674 Hillsdale Road, Charlottesville, VA
Shortly before the Buddha died he gave a short talk about what he discovered in his own path and practice. 

The same qualities of "Awakening" the Buddha discovered in his consciousness are found in all of us.  He called them the "Seven Factors of Awakening".  The recognition of which can help sensitize our nervous system into a relaxed calm that at the same time is alert and "knowing".

IMCC meets every Tuesday evening for a period of guided meditation and a talk by one of IMCC's experienced meditation teachers.  The program is designed to be friendly and of interest to people with no meditation experience as well as more advanced practitioners. 

This week's teacher:  Pat Coffey

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