Natural Awareness: Your Home of Peace, Beauty and Love with Pat Coffey

  • 26 Oct 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online

Natural Awareness: Your Home of Peace, Beauty and Love 

with Pat Coffey

Throughout the ages contemplatives of all stripes have endeavored to articulate what is sometimes called the Awareness of Awareness or Great Natural Perfection or the One Taste or Non-Duality…or God Consciousness or Pure Consciousness or Divine Presence…or Flow…to share just a few monikers.  

Conceptualizations of this appear in all religions.  If you look into the mystical wing of any religion you will readily find it.  Also, in exploring the world of hallucinogenic plant substances and synthetic chemical creations you will find that all manner of descriptions of this experience abound.

For this Tuesday evening session and the following Tuesday we will experientially explore Natural Awareness.  You’ll be guided in a sampling of techniques to help ‘point the way’ to this birthright of yours…the relaxed resting in a profound intimacy with all creation.

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