Day-Long Retreat with Pat Coffey

  • 14 Apr 2012
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Beth Shalom Temple 805 Lyons Boulevard, Fredericksburg VA 22406


  • Day-long insight meditation retreat
                         The Breath of Peace

           A Day-Long Retreat with Pat Coffey
                              April 14, 2012
The emphasis of this retreat will be on a whole body breathing
technique that brings deep peace, calm and unity of heart, mind
and body. This form of practice has been utilized by practitioners
as one method of access to the meditative absorptions or jhana
described and taught by the Buddha. Please come and explore
this extraordinary practice.

Although the experience of this method is profound, the actual
technique is not difficult and is suitable for both advanced and
beginning practitioners. Instructions will be given such that even
first time meditators will have success in learning and practicing.

The day will primarily be in silence with periods of sitting and
walking meditation. There will be Q&A sessions and a talk give given by Pat.

For detailed information and registration please go the Fredericksburg Insight website below.
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