Awakening Together (by Larry Yang) and Collective Intention Setting with Liz Reynolds

  • 15 Mar 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online

Larry Yang's Awakening Together and Collective Intention Setting for our Spiritual Community

with Liz Reynolds

In January and February of this year, many in our Sangha participated in a Big Read of Larry's Yang's book, Awakening Together. As we continue to move through transition and difficulty in our spiritual community, Larry's wisdom and experience invites us to consider our collective intentions for building a sense of safety, belonging and refuge together. Individually and collectively, we will contemplate the conditions we need for our spiritual exploration and deepening, and we will continue to build on some collective intentions set by the Young Adults' Sangha in our February meeting (see below).

Intentions expressed at Sangha meeting on 3/15/2022. You can add your intentions to the document.

Collective aspirations for the Young Adults' Sangha (set 2/27/22):

-A space that allows us not to know, not to plan, finding space to be with uncertainty

-Coming as we are and feeling safe in being ourselves and feeling included

-A space where our voices are welcome, where we feel heard and have space to listen

-A space where we have a sense of collective presence and connection

-A space where we feel safe in the container of confidentiality and non-judgement/container of the community is strong and clear

-Creating connections between the YAS and the larger Sangha - intention to learn from our elders and also to share our wisdom and gifts

-A space where we can confront and hold space for difficult experiences, emotions, conflicts, etc.

-A space that can hold whatever is present

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