Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk with Liz Reynolds and the HEAR Committee

  • 22 Mar 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online

Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk

with Liz Reynolds and the Hearing, Ethics & Reconciliation (HEAR) Committee


Five Mindfulness Trainings (Thich Nhat Hanh):

Five Precepts (short):

The Ethics and Reconciliation Committee has existed since 2013 at IMCC. In 2021, the EAR committee became the HEAR committee, adding to our mission the foundation of deep listening ("hearing") to promote healthy community. We envision an equitable and genuinely inclusive sangha shaped by the active input of its members. In service of this vision, our mission is to collectively hear and respond with care to diverse community voices expressing creative ideas and joyful appreciation, as well as conflict and challenge. In approaching this mission, we recognize the importance of proactively creating open spaces for active listening, as well as providing confidential spaces for mediating conflict. In facilitating both functions, we commit to practicing Buddhist ethics. Our aim is that all members feel they are active and empowered participants in guiding how relational Dharma unfolds in our ever-changing community. 

How do these practices of deep listening, ethics and reconciliation provide a template for our community moving forward? Join the HEAR committee this evening to become better acquainted with this group of folks and learn more about how the HEAR committee is HERE to support IMCC in our community's growth and evolution.

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