Words: Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk with Sharon Beckman-Brindley

  • 10 May 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online


Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk

with Sharon Beckman-Brindley

The Buddha's teachings on wise speech can seem so straightforward: words, he proposed are ".. spoken at the right time, in truth, with  affection, for the benefit of all and with a mind of good-will."  The teachings that can seem so obvious, however, can remain highly challenging when our neighbor's dog won't stop barking at 2 AM or our partner still hasn't washed last week's dishes or our boss asks us (again) to stay late on a Friday night or our siblings are too busy to help in the care of our elderly parents or when we are at a social gathering and talk turns to politics. We can struggle, even, with wise speech as we talk to ourselves silently and internally about a mistake or confusion of our own. 

In this evening's gathering we will, together, inquire into practical ways to explore and offer wise words to these challenging circumstances: when our personal perceptions and thoughts and feelings collide with our own expectations or with the differing perceptions, wishes, thoughts, and feelings of others.

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