All-Sangha Meeting & Discussion

  • 08 Nov 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Unitarian Universalist Church, 717 Rugby Rd. Charlottesville

All-Sangha Meeting

This is a time of significant transition for IMCC — we are moving from a founder-centered organization to an organization led by new leadership structures.  To support this transition, we have started a strategic planning process, aided by an outside consultant, to reconfirm IMCC’s mission and aspirations and then create leadership structures that reflect that vision.  Diversity, equity, inclusion and justice will center and infuse this process so our organization, its governance, and its actions reflect our Buddhist values.

The purpose of this meeting, which has been co-designed and planned by the DEIJ Advisory Group members and consultant Katherine Turner, is to hold a preparatory conversation with all sangha members to:

  • Lay the foundation for our work ahead

  • Provide an overview and respond to questions and comments on the rapid assessment and strategic visioning, planning, and capacity-strengthening processes, all with a DEIJ/racial equity focus

  • Engage sangha members in discussion on key assessment questions

  • Invite sangha members to participate and provide input throughout the entire process

Agenda (90 minutes

  • Announcements (5 min)

  • Welcome and meeting opening (5 min)

  • Meditation on change (20 min)

  • Introductions (10 min)

  • Overview (5 min)

    • Opportunities for engagement include: 

      • Participate in this and future sessions with the board, teachers, and entire sangha

      • Speak with the Hearing, Ethics, and Reconciliation Committee and DEIJ Advisory Group members

      • Enter confidential comments in a Google form that only Katherine will see

        • Post link to confidential comments form

  • Discussion in breakout groups (30 min)

  • Reflections, comments, and questions (10 min)

  • Next steps, participation reminders, silent moment of appreciation, and closure (5 min)

IMCC's Consultant Search Committee Recommentation Aug 2022 Meeting.pdf

Katherine Turner's IMCC Consultancy Proposal_Global Citizen LLC.pdf

Please consider your ability to offer a donation. Your monetary contributions enable IMCC to support the sangha's practice, share the Buddha's teachings, as well as the operations of the organization.


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