The Joy and Preciousness of Change

  • 24 Sep 2013
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • JABA 674 Hillsdale Road, Charlottesville, VA

The Joy and Preciousness of Change
With Pat Coffey

The Buddha spoke of the importance of understanding things "just as they are" as the platform for joy and freedom.  

To truly see things "just as they are" requires us to cultivate  a peaceful healthy relationship with the most fundamental aspect of this creation........change.  

Tonight we will explore how to derive joy and ease from this fundamental truth of existence and how to skillfully work with the fear and dread that change sometimes brings.    

IMCC meets every Tuesday evening for a period of guided meditation and a talk by one of IMCC's experienced meditation teachers.  The program is designed to be friendly and of interest to people with no meditation experience as well as more advanced practitioners. 

This week's teacher:  Pat Coffey

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