What Makes Up A Valid Spiritual Practice? with Pat Coffey

  • 19 Nov 2013
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • JABA 674 Hillsdale Road, Charlottesville, VA

What Makes Up A Valid Spiritual Practice?
With Pat Coffey

There are lots of  of offerings in the "spiritual marketplace".  
Much like the old days when a series of hucksters would roll their wagons through town promising everything if only you'd buy this magic elixir.  

Now, there are even more wagons rolling in with the vast media network offering  a hundred systems guaranteeing a "happy, stress free, abundant life lived through a beautiful and high functioning body and mind".   It can be a little bewildering. 

Tonight we will explore the components of a valid spirit practice. We will identify some of the important "markers" that you can look for when choosing a path for the cultivation of your heart, mind and body.

IMCC meets every Tuesday evening for a period of guided meditation and a talk by one of IMCC's experienced meditation teachers.  The program is designed to be friendly and of interest to people with no meditation experience as well as more advanced practitioners. 

This week's teacher:  Pat Coffey

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