What does the IMCC Community mean to you?

In a recent Tuesday evening program, the assembled IMCC members shared Reflections on Sangha. We reflected on our benefactors, teachers, and spiritual friends as well as the organizations that support our spiritual path -- especially IMCC.

We hope you will share your reflections with IMCC. If you are willing to have your words (but not your name or email) shared with other members, please designate that below.

Reflections from IMCC members

IMCC has taught me the value of compassion.

A key value to me is to practice coming back to my true self.

Comfort. There is still some compassion and sanity.

It is nourishing to me to be together with others who are on this path. The challenges are easier when I am not feeling so alone with them.

IMCC is helping me take apart the structure of my taught belief system and allow me to once again be a learner.

The sangha treasure of deep, caring relationships – supporting curiosity, awareness, awakening, compassion and kindness.

A pause before acting...it has been lifesaving.

Knowing I am not alone in seeking to stop unnecessary suffering, and finding peace and equanimity.

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